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Are Injury Lawyers Worth It?

When one gets into an unexpected accident there are so many things to consider all at once. Many times, the main concern is how badly did you get hurt. Assessing your injuries is crucial to deciding how much follow up care you may need in the near future or later down the road. Depending on what kind of accident occurred, there can be an impact on one’s quality of life that could last a while according to a personal injury lawyer with our friends at the Brandy Austin Law Firm

Other things to consider are the extent of the coverage of the different insurance agencies involved. This isn’t common knowledge, but most often in personal injury litigation, attorneys are going after the responsible party’s insurance policy. Trying to communicate with insurance companies can be overwhelming for most people for many reasons. In addition to being in a precarious situation as it is, most people aren’t sure what is or is not appropriate or helpful to discuss with an insurance adjustor. 

You want an attorney to advocate for you while walking you through the typical chronological process for pursuing a personal injury claim every step of the way. In this industry it is difficult to find a firm that does both with excellence. Personally, I prize good customer service over all else, especially in stressful situations. 

It’s crucial to consult with a couple of different attorneys so find out what their client service dynamic is like and how they structure their compensation. Most attorney’s take on personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning their fee will come directly from your settlement and not out of pocket at the time of retaining them. This can take the care of the burden of an unnecessary additional expense of legal fees while you attempt to sort through the burden of property damage and your own injuries, which likely have you suffering from lost wages as well.

If it is a small accident, with a few minor injuries, and the responsible party has accepted fault, it’s not a unrealistic idea to coordinate with the responsible party’s insurance company yourself. However, if the accident was severe, and led to quite a bit of property damage and serious injuries than it is best practice to retain a team of professionals to coordinate with the responsible party’s insurance company while you focus on what is truly important, your recovery. If you are involved in an accident, reach out to a legal professional near you for help.