Accidental Shootings: Can You Hold the Shooter Accountable?

Accidental Shootings: Can You Hold the Shooter Accountable?

In the United States, about 32 percent of all adults claim to own a gun. 44%, on the other hand, claim to live in a household with a gun. In a home with guns, safety should always be the number one priority. Gun accidents can easily be fatal. If you were recently the victim of an accidental shooting, you may be wondering how you can receive compensation. If it was an accident, can you still claim compensation?

How Did the Accident Happen?

How the accident occurred will determine whether or not the other person was responsible. For instance, if you borrowed a friend’s gun and were irresponsible with it, leading to a gunshot, then the other person would not be guilty. When proving that someone owes you money for injuring you, you have to prove that he or she was being careless. For example, if your friend was showing off his or her gun and accidentally shot you while aiming it in your direction, then his or her negligence is responsible for the shooting. By law, gun owners have to practice reasonable care when using a weapon. Some gun owners may have liability insurance for accidental firearm injury. Generally, this makes it easier to file a claim against them.

Other examples of negligence include:

  • Firing a gun when under the influence
  • Carrying a firearm incorrectly
  • Pointing a firearm at someone with no intention to fire

Most accidental shootings involve some form of negligence.

Have You Talked With a Lawyer?

Before you file a personal injury claim, speak with a lawyer. If you explain the circumstance of the injury, your medical bills and other facts about the case, the lawyer can tell you whether you have a case worth pursuing. Your lawyer will not ask for money from you upfront. If you lose the case, you do not have to worry about paying an hourly rate to your lawyer. Personal injury lawyers take cases that they think can win because otherwise, they do not receive a payment. Lawyers do not receive payment until after the settlement is released. If you do not receive a settlement, then he or she does not receive payment.

In homes where guns are prevalent, gun safety should be taught regularly. However, even with the safest adults, accidents can happen. If you were recently injured in an accidental shooting, you may be able to seek compensation. To find out more about whether you have a case against the shooter, contact a personal injury lawyer, like from Tuttle Law, as soon as possible.