Who Contribute To Truck Accidents

When going on a summer road trip, there is no shortage of 18-wheeler trucks to look at as they pass by delivering the goods that maintain our standards of living, as a personal injury lawyer like one from DWI Attorney Nassau County knows. It’s a rigorous profession that requires a degree of discipline, planning and calculation as a single, successful delivery is contingent upon the alignment of several factors that come together and assist in navigating several obstacles that the driver has to circumvent to get to his or her destination. Most people think that a personal injury truck accident simply has to do with the driver, but here are some factors that are more difficult to control or are out of the control of the driver:

Improper cargo loading. Before the truck hits the road, it has to be loaded with its cargo first. Since most people usually leave the task of moving their belongings to other services, they don’t realize that they can’t just chuck it into the trailer in any random order and call it a day. You actually have to arrange the cargo in a specific order in consideration of the knowledge that the cargo might shift inside affecting the weight and the driving capabilities of the overall vehicle. While the driver sometimes has a say in this, usually this task is done by someone other than the driver, who often never even sees the cargo at all. If the cargo is improperly loaded then all the driving skills in the world won’t make up for what the driver will be unaware of until it’s too late.

Poor maintenance. Just like your car, it gets used over and over again and thus, requires regular maintenance; trucks are exactly the same. Most drivers aren’t skilled in truck maintenance just like you probably aren’t skilled in car maintenance. They, just like you, leave that task to other people who perform maintenance on the truck while it is not in use. But sometimes, the maintenance crew might get a little lazy and may not do as good a job as they should. This’ll result in a disastrous situation when the truck hits the road and the driver finds that the truck isn’t performing as well as it should leading to a road collision.

Other traffic. For every good driver out there who is defensive, courteous and drives safely there’s 10 others who are completely unconcerned about the drivers around them and drive in such a manner that conveys they are only concerned about themselves and their own agenda. Even if you drive safely when around an 18-wheeler another person might not and the truck driver has no control over their actions especially if they end up causing an accident.